About Us

About Us

GEMEC is a reliable industrial components supplier. Our major products are bearings and seamless rolled rings. We are focusing on providing fast, high quality, cost-effective and customized product solutions to assist our customers winning the favor of the market.

GEMEC® Bearings

Through half century hard working on design, manufacturing and developing of our factory, our bearings deliver high/ultra-high speed performance and high axial and radial load capacity. Our products cover aircraft bearing, agricultural bearing, automotive bearing, elevator bearing, machine tool spindle bearing, motor bearing and robot bearing etc.

GEMEC® Seamless Rolled Rings

GEMEC provides very wide range of seamless rolled rings. We offer from raw rings to machined rings. Based on the outer diameter of the rolled rings, GEMEC provides the rings from 200 mm up to 9,500 mm; based on the cutting weight of the rolled rings, GEMEC provides the rings weight up to 50,000 kgs. The rolled rings provided by GEMEC can have a height up to 1,600 mm and a width up to 1,000mm.

With the recognition of customers, our products have been delivered to Europe, US, Japan etc.  Product applications include: slew drive, slew ring, wind energy, solar energy, industrial robot, transportation, gearbox, material handling.  We are constantly developing new products, new markets and new application fields.

We are dedicated to offer you customized, high-quality, in-time and cost-effective solution.